It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pick-up: FREE (no minimum order)
Delivery: $10 (minimum order of $50)

1) Create your grocery list

Here are some links that can help you create your list:

Note: If you have more than 10 items, we would appreciate if you can organize your shopping list by department (e.g. produce, meat, kitchen, frozen, etc.) 

2) Email us your order

Once your shopping list is ready, simply email us: and include the following:

a) Your grocery shopping list
b) Your phone number
c) Preferred method of payment (see details below)
d) Curbside pickup or delivery
e) If delivery, add your address as well

If there are any items that are not available, we will contact you and suggest alternate products.

You may pay in advance (e-money transfer) or when you receive your groceries upon pick-up or delivery. We will be in touch when preparing your order.

Payment methods accepted:
Debit, Visa, MasterCard, E-Money Transfer, or Cash (least preferred due to COVID-19)

3) Pick-Up & Delivery

We will contact you when your order will be ready for curbside pickup or to arrange a delivery time.

Please allow 2 to 6 hours for pick-up orders to be prepared, and 2 to 24 hours for delivery orders.

Tips for our hard-working employees and drivers are welcome! (non-Cash preferred due to COVID-19)


For inquiries related to pick-up and delivery, email us at You may also call the store at 519-204-3222 (or 519-204-3224) and dial 4 for customer service.