We stock a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are either locally grown or imported.

Basic Essentials: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bananas, Oranges, Clementines, Lemons, Apples, Peaches, Peppers, Potatoes, Onions, Eggplant, Zuccini.


Baked goods fresh from the oven on a daily basis, including mouth-watering pastries and manakeesh.

Bakery Essentials: Pita Bread (White or whole wheat; Shurouq, Saidoon, Friday’s), Kaak (Acadia),

Meat & Deli

Full service meat counter offering fresh custom-cut halal meats and deli by our in-store butcher.

Basic Meat: Beef (ground beef, stew pieces, steak, ribs, shanks), Veal (shanks, bone-in, bone-less), Lamb (legs, shoulders), Chicken (whole, legs, wings, drumsticks, boneless)

Basic Deli: Cold cuts; Smoked Turkey, Beef Baloni (olives, pistachios, black peppers), BBQ Chicken.

Dairy & Cheese

Local and imported cheeses, and a large selection of dairy products.

Dairy Essentials: Milk (Beatrice 3%), Eggs (Grey Ridge), Yogurt (Astro, Phoenicia), Cream cheese (Philadephia), Butter (Grey Lea, Becel, Natrel), Cheddar cheese slices, Kiri, Butter, Labneh, Airan.

Cheese Essentials: Ricotta, Feta, Akkawi, Nabulsi, Halloumi, Twisted.

Olives & Pickles: Green olives, Green stuffed olives, Pickles, Makdous, Madabs.

Kitchen & Grill

Our take-out Kitchen & Grill serves a variety of freshly prepared meals, including Middle-Eastern favourites such as shawarma wraps and kebab platters.

Ready-Food Essentials: Click here to see our Kitchen menu.


Freshly prepared and imported Middle-Eastern sweets that is guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Essential Sweets: Cheesecake, Baklawa, Ma’moul, Knafeh (frozen), Mann & Salwa, Candy.

Nuts & Bulk Foods

A delicious assortment of freshly roasted nuts and seeds, and a large selection of bulk foods such as grains, dry fruit, and turkish delights.

Essentials: Walnuts, Dry Roasted Mixed Nuts (Master Delight), Al-Sameer, Al-Rifai.


A great selection of fine spices, herbs, and seasonings for all your cooking needs.

Essentials: All types of spices from brand names such as Abido.

Frozen Food

Convenient frozen foods including ice cream, fries, seafood, vegetables, and entrees.

Frozen Essentials: Nestle ice cream, Cheesecake, Dr. Oetker pizza, Waffles, Filo dough (Cedar, Sunbulah), Basma products (green okra, green beans, etc), Al-Safa and Solmaz products (hamburgers, popcorn chicken, etc), Kobba Tabsi, Knafeh, Paratha, Falafel, Kibbeh.

General Grocery

A wide selection of non-perishable foods including canned, bagged, bottled, and boxed products.

Beans and grains: Rice (Minute Rice, Basmati, Kubba, Al-Wazza, Saleem), Bulgur, Lentils, Freekeh, Beans, Selmolina,

Beverages: Coke and Pepsi products, Perrier, Dole, OceanSpray, Nesquik, Energy drinks (Gatorate), Vitamin Water, Freez, Judi, Barbikan, Sun top, Reb bull), Barbikan, Lazizah, BEST (Guava, Mango, Cocktail)

Baking needs: Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Flour (Red Roses), PAM spray, Yeast, Corn Starch, Custard powder,

Coffee & Tea: Coffee and tea (Nescafe, Coffee mate, Nabob, Ahmed Tea, Mahmood Tea, Fateel, Najjar, Bin Alabeed, Al-Attar, Alwazah, Shamain, Pipore)

Snacks: Crackers (Ritz, Vegetable Thins, Wheat Thins), Pringles, Popcorn (Orville), Peanut Butter, Celebration cookies, Ma’moul dates, Ulker products, Halva, Apricot Paste, Kraft Dinner,

Salad Dressings: Kraft salad dressings

Condiments, Sauces, and Paste: Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Kraft Cheez Whiz, Tomato Sauce and Paste, Nutella, Tahini (Al-Kanater),

Dates: Khudari, Sukkari, Mazafati, and all other kinds

Other: Sugar (Redpath), Cereal (Kellogg’s All-Bran, Cheerios, Sugar-Crisp), Campbell’s soup, Aunt Jemina Syrup, Vegetable Ghee (Aseel, Al-Ghazal), Olive and Vegetable oil, Zaatar,  Maggi, Honey, dry Moulokhia, Puck, Jello

Household Items

A selection of household items including kitchenware and cleaning products.

Essentials: Lysol, Vim Pine-Sol, Palmolive, Tide, Aluminum foil, Batteries, Tape.

Personal Care

Brand-name toiletries and hygiene products to satisfy all your shopping needs.

Essentials: Soap bars, Shampoo